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Personal & Group Training
Tying Shoelaces

The Orinda Fitness lifestyle programs are designed to help clients plan out and execute an all inclusive day-by-day plan created and provided by the Orinda Fitness team. We offer several different plans:


  • General Fitness Plan - Let Orinda Fitness help you reach your fitness goals. We will build you a comprehensive fitness plan that details what you should be doing on a daily basis.

  • Running Plan - Want to run a race? Or maybe just establish a running routine? No matter age, experience, or ability level, we can put together a plan that fits your running goals.


At Orinda Fitness we offer a unique approach to personal training that incorporates a full-body workout while also challenging balance, coordination, reflexes, and aerobic capacity.


We believe that everyone, regardless of age or ability level, can use athletic training techniques to improve overall health and fitness.


We use our unique fitness assessment tests, in combination with the AXON specialized program, to track progression in our constantly evolving program. 


We also offer group personal trainings rates for up to 4 people.

Group Workout Session

We keep our classes small to maintain our high standard of personal attention as well as to keep track of individual progress.


Spin classes (coming soon)


Circuit training classes 


Half spin and half circuit classes (coming soon)


Yoga classes

Cardio Pump

Mat Pilates

Stretching & Mobility

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