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Founder. Personal Trainer.Running Coach. Athletic Performance Trainer

Tristan Tool was raised in Orinda, California and attended Del Rey, Orinda Intermediate, and Miramonte High School. He has been involved in competitive sports since the age of five and has competed in football as well as Track and Field at the collegiate level. Tristan attended Boise State University to play football and ran track for the Santa Monica Track Club.  He is currently in his ninth year as a Miramonte High school coach. He was the defensive back coach in football, the current strength coach for cross country, and is currently the head coach of track and field. Tristan was named the 2017 Miramonte coach of the year. As founder and owner of Orinda Fitness, Tristan is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and is excited to be involved in the Orinda community. 

Manager. Master Trainer. Injury Recovery Specialist. Athletic Performance Trainer

Dylan Gunn is a Miramonte High School Graduate and graduated from St. Mary’s College with a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Human Health and Performance.  Dylan has a NASM & BFC certification and has been a personal trainer for 10 years. Prior to his training career he worked in Physical Therapy for 3 years. Dylan specializes in building all-inclusive fitness programs that include a focus on injury prevention, weight loss, strength, and maximizing joint functionality. Dylan's training range includes clients with ASD, physical handicaps, serious injuries, as well as high school, collegiate and professional athletes.

Athletic Performance Trainer.  Coordination Specialist.  Strength Coach.

After a successful career as a Miramonte High School football and track star, Marshall played four years of football at Cornell University. As an athleticism master, he excels at helping people learn how to control their bodies. Marshall believes that athleticism is defined as ones ability to control ones body in as many challenging ways as possible. He's one of three trainers in the Bay Area specially qualified to train athletes in the Axon Elite HINT Program (High Intensity Neurological Training).

Simon Stein
Personal Trainer

Simon is a local prodigy of sorts; From a very young age he became passionate about heath and wellness and began his journey of becoming the best personal trainer he could be. Fast forward to today and Simon has been invaluable to the lives of so many. He is a big believer in mastering something himself prior to introducing it to his clients. Simon is unparalleled in his dedication to staying at the forefront of mastering fitness technology. Simon is one of three trainers in the bay area qualified to train athletes in the Axon Elite HINT Program (High Intensity Neurological Training).

Kiran Shastri
Personal & Athletic Performance Trainer

A Miramonte Alumni and basketball star, Kiran went on to be the all time 3 point leader at Chaminade University. Kiran is currently a professional basketball player for Delhi 3BL. During the off season Kiran is a very sought after personal and athletic performance trainer in the bay area. Aside from his top caliber skills as a performance trainer, Kiran has had tremendous success with assisting people with weight loss and general strength training.

Personal Trainer

Franco attended Miramonte High School from 2007-2011 and graduated from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley in 2015. Franco has won 6 consecutive intramural football championships for UC Berkeley. Franco has imbued his legacy in the UC Berkeley intramural hall of fame as the most decorated wide receiver of all time. Franco went on to get his masters degree in sports management at Columbia University before returning to the bay area.

Athletic Performance Trainer

Nick comes back to Orinda Fitness as our first athletic performance training protégé. Back when he was an aspiring youth athlete, Nick was a hard-working and determined Orinda Fitness client, looking to step up his game. Soon after, Nick was a Miramonte High School star in both football and lacrosse. Nick started 4 years for UC Berkeley. In the 2015 preseason edition of Lacrosse Magazine Nick was ranked #1 in the nation for his division. Nick is heart-set on continuing the Orinda Fitness tradition of athletic excellence.


Tiffany has been practicing yoga for many years and received her certification to be able to share the joy that yoga has brought to her life.  While she spends time teaching more traditional yoga techniques, her main focus is a fusion of yoga with strength and body-weight work.  She works on getting your heart rate up, challenging your body beyond what you think you're capable of - and then, she'll push you even harder to achieve more.  Tiffany will work with you to gradually build endurance through a unique interpretation and modification of traditional yoga flow, and flexibility/mobility through some of the poses. Every day and week will look a little different based on your needs and progression.  

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