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State Of the Art recovery & rehab tools


TheraGun Percussive Therapy

This high powered massage increases mobility, breaks up knots, and boosts flexibility. With a variety of attachments and techniques, percussive therapy can be used as a tool for warming up or recovery. Our professional staff has developed several innovative techniques to provide the perfect percussive massage.

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Game Ready Med4Elite

Multi-Modality Therapy

With deep penetrating cold, full-spectrum heat, active compression, and industry leading rapid contrast(back and forth between hot and cold) this versatile system can adapt to anyone's needs. The Med4Elite can be found in professional sports training rooms and at Orinda Fitness.


NormaTec Active Compression

NormaTec is a favorite of 1000s of professional athletes. This state of the art device used compression to enhance blood flow and speed up recovery. The unique massage pattern employs three key techniques—pulsing, distal release, and gradients—all to maximize your recovery.

Advanced Cupping Therapy

A 3500 year old therapy, cupping has more than passed the test of time. It is still widely used today as a way to increase circulation to ailments and regulate the flow of energy through the body. From stress and anxiety reduction, to alleviating tension and discomfort, cupping can help you feel yourself again.

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