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Drew Anderson

Arizona Cardinals

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Marshall Deutz

Cornell University


Kiran Shastri

Delhi 3BL

Pro Basketball

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Nick Sheehan

UC Berkeley


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Rosie Cruz

Loyola Marymount Uni.

Track & Cross Country

Cassy Haskell

UC Berkeley Track and Cross Country

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Jane Buckley



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Cecilia Gee

Stanford Soccer

USA Junior National Team

Miles Beaubelle

UC Berkeley Rugby

Chris Rogers

UC Berkeley Football

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Max McKone

UC Berkeley Lacrosse

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Morgan Rogers

UC Berkeley Soccer

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Sam Bell

University of Texas at Dallas 


Charlie O'Brien

Villanova University

Track & field

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Paddy O'Brien

New York Yankees

Ethan Fischler

Syracuse football

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Brianna Lau



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Katharine Larsen

University of Pennsylvania


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Emma Nushi

New York University Soccer

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Hannah Fishlow

UC Berkeley

Track & Cross Country

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Nathan Downey

University of Chicago

Track & Field

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Weight Lifting

Whenever I’m back in the Bay Area, I like to work with Axon because they add a different element to my training program with their focus on neurocognitive and balance training. Most teams’ primary focus is on running and lifting, but Axon’s unique program gives me that competitive edge. Drew Anderson Arizona Cardinals


At Orinda Fitness we believe that being an athlete means that one must have the ability to both deliberately and reactively control their body in many different quick, coordinated, and explosive ways.


It is important to not only practice the technique of one's specific sport, but also to focus on constantly challenging one's athleticism through attempting and mastering as many difficult & foreign movements as possible.


Periodized Sport Specific Strength Training  

This program is designed to allow each athlete to function at their peak performance at the most critical moments during the season and throughout their career. Our complex and versatile program is designed to accommodate the needs of every athlete in any sport. Movement proficiency is a key focus of our program, and when coupled with a focus on strength, our program has proven to be instrumental in performance optimization for our athletes.


Maximum Velocity Speed, Agility, & Stamina Training 

This program will increase your breakaway speed, lateral quickness, and overall cardiovascular strength. We start with breaking down and developing the mechanics of movement; specifically, running form and direction-change technique. The program progresses through the four phases of building speed and stamina: turnover, speed-endurance, V02 max, and cardiovascular endurance. 

High Intensity Neurocognitive Training 

This is our ultra-specialized, proprietary athletic performance program that focuses on recruiting, building, and strengthening the neurological connection between your brain and your extremities. We use reactive neuromuscular stimuli and sensory deprivation tools to develop athleticism in its purest form: the split second reaction.

Percussive Muscle Activation & Recovery Massage

Our performance massage therapy is broken down into two services. The first is a muscle activation massage that is done within 24 hours of competition to prime and prepare soft tissue and the neuromuscular system for optimal performance. The second is a unique deep tissue recovery massage that focuses on breaking up tension and increasing blood flow throughout the body. All of our massages are done using a percussive therapy device and do not require any direct contact with the athlete. Our massages do not require the removal of any clothing.

State-of-the-art Recovery Tools

Our high tech multi-modality recovery tools are all recently purchased and second to none. These tools are typically only found in professional sports clubs’ training rooms. With deep penetrating cold, full-spectrum heat, active compression, and industry leading rapid contrast (back and forth between hot and cold), this versatile system can be adapted to anyone's needs. Recovery is the number one most undervalued and ignored aspect of building great athletes. It's time to reevaluate your priorities as an athlete, and let our recovery tools push you closer to your ultimate goal: building elite athleticism.




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Tina Romak

Boston University

Track & Cross Country

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